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    Millions of Poles Must Renew Their ID Cards in 2024

    Over three million Polish citizens are required to obtain new identity cards this year, with more than two million documents expiring. This includes individuals reaching adulthood, changing their names, or losing their current documents. Citizens are urged to check the validity of their ID cards and apply for a new one online if necessary.

    Renewal Requirement

    The Polish ID card serves as proof of identity and citizenship for residents of Poland. It is mandatory for all adult citizens residing in the country.

    Millions Affected

    With millions of ID cards set to expire, citizens are advised to ensure their documentation remains valid to avoid any inconvenience.

    Online Application Process

    Applying for a new ID card has been made convenient through online channels, streamlining the renewal process for eligible individuals.

    Ensure Validity

    It is essential for Polish citizens to verify the validity of their ID cards and take necessary steps to renew them to maintain compliance with legal requirements.

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