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    Miniature gingerbread town in Gliwice and Wroclaw

    Christmas without gingerbread cookies is hard to imagine. In Gliwice and Wroclaw, you can admire a city that smells of cinnamon and ginger, where chocolate trains pass over.

    To make the gingerbread city, the authors used 1.5 tons of gingerbread dough, 140 kilograms of honey 50 kilograms of chocolate, 40 kilograms of spices, countless amounts of sugar sprinkles, pearls and chocolate shavings, 321 eggs, 168 lemons, and 365 kilograms of powdered sugar.

    Kolejkowo can be found in Gliwice and Wroclaw. Each place is full of Christmas spirit and resemble a dream world. Besides gingerbread towns, Kolejkowo will take you for a journey to the most beautiful places around Silesia and Lower Silesia, which will be literally at your reach.

    “The mockups show real life of towns and villages. By mixing sense of humour with serious reflection on life we show the world just like it is in reality.”

    The city noise, cars and trams cruising around the streets and ships floating on rivers, everything accompanied by the noise of trains moving between railway stations. You will meet lumberjacks and mechanics at work, construction workers and firemen during their rescue operation – everything just a few centimeters away.

    Besides, in Kolejkowo you will also be able to discover the life of Indians and cowboys wandering around America’s Wild West. You will also witness ancient knight duels and see how medieval towns looked like. All that at a close watch of… dinosaurs.

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