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    Minimum Wage Rises to 4300 PLN in Poland

    Poland’s minimum wage rises to 4300 PLN as of July 1, 2024, with a new hourly rate of 28.10 PLN.

    As of July 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Poland has been raised to 4300 PLN per month, with the hourly rate now at 28.10 PLN. This marks the second increase this year, as mandated by law when the forecasted consumer price index for the following year exceeds 105%.

    With the new increase, Polish workers will take home 3261.53 PLN after taxes. The latest adjustment represents a significant 700 PLN rise, or 19.4%, from the July 2023 rate of 3600 PLN. The hourly rate also saw a 19.5% hike, up by 4.6 PLN from last year’s 23.50 PLN.

    Compared to 2014, the minimum wage has surged by 2620 PLN, reflecting a 156% increase. The Polish government has already proposed further increases for January 2025, with the minimum wage set to rise to 4626 PLN and the hourly rate to 30.20 PLN.

    The Social Dialogue Council will review these proposals on July 15. If no consensus is reached, the government will finalize the new rates by September 15. In 2025, over 3.1 million Polish workers are expected to receive the minimum wage.

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