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    Minister Czarnek about the new Polish History Museum

    Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, highlighted the role of the Museum of Polish History as a crucial educational resource for students. He emphasized that programs like “Poznaj Polskę” (Discover Poland) and the “Bon szkolny – poznaj Polskę” voucher were specifically designed to encourage visits to museums, providing children and youth with valuable insights into Poland’s history.

    The official inauguration of the Museum of Polish History’s new headquarters on the grounds of Warsaw’s Citadel is set to take place on Thursday at noon. The impressive building, spanning over 44,000 square meters, houses temporary exhibition halls (covering 1,400 square meters) and the future permanent exhibition space (7,300 square meters). The main entrance faces the Gwardia Square, close to the new location of the Museum of the Polish Army.

    Minister Czarnek praised the museum as “an excellent, modern institution that offers vast knowledge presented in a contemporary and accessible manner for students.”

    He explained that programs like “Poznaj Polskę” and the “Bon szkolny – poznaj Polskę” voucher were established to facilitate visits to such institutions, allowing children and young people to learn about Poland’s rich history. “We created the ‘Poznaj Polskę’ program, and now we’ve prepared the school voucher, allocating over a billion PLN, to ensure that students, along with their teachers, can benefit from the educational richness offered by Polish museums,” Minister Czarnek stated.

    “Among these museums, the Museum of Polish History will be one of the primary destinations for students. There is no more effective way of learning than going out into the field, exploring Poland’s history firsthand,” he emphasized.

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