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    Minister of Family Advocates for Tougher Legislation Against Child Abuse

    Following the tragic death of an eight-year-old boy who was severely mistreated by his step-father, Family and Social Policy Minister Marlena Malag has called for immediate action to update laws on child abuse and neglect in Poland. The minister has asked the justice minister to begin work on the Penal Code section that deals with this issue as soon as possible.

    According to Malag, laws on child abuse and neglect have not been updated since 1997 when the Penal Code was adopted, and the current state of affairs requires an immediate response. She emphasized that there is no room for consent when it comes to harming defenceless children.

    Malag has also expressed her willingness to work with Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro to develop further legal resolutions that would enhance the protection of children and youth against all forms of violence.

    The death of the eight-year-old boy has sparked a renewed sense of urgency in addressing the issue of child abuse in Poland. Malag’s call for action is a crucial step in ensuring that children are protected from violence and neglect.


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