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    Minister of Justice honors exemplary service of Prison Officers in Kielce with Flag Presentation Ceremony

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    Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobro, attended the ceremony of presenting a banner to the Kielce Detention Center on May 5th. This is a recognition of the exemplary service and patriotism of the Prison Service officers.

    “The presentation of the banner to the Kielce Detention Center is a great honor for me. It is a recognition of the service performed by the officers for the good of the Republic and their hard, dangerous work. The Prison Service plays a crucial role in ensuring society’s safety,”

    said Minister Ziobro.

    The banner received by the Kielce Detention Center is a symbol of prestige and respect that the Prison Service deserves in society.

    “That’s why I have always attached great importance to treating this formation like other uniformed services. For the first time in history, we are allocating so many resources for the modernization and improvement of the working conditions of the officers. These investments also serve to increase security in prisons,”

    said the Minister.

    Zbigniew Ziobro also emphasized the success of the “Work for Prisoners” program and the Electronic Monitoring System, whose development is being taken care of by the current leadership of the Ministry of Justice and the Prison Service.

    He also reminded that sovereignty is not given to us once and for all. Prison Service officers, in cooperation with the military, undergo training to be even better prepared to serve Poland “in case the hour W comes,” even if we hope it will never happen.

    “The presentation of the banner immediately after such important holidays for Poles as the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3rd and Flag Day is a great honor for the Kielce Detention Center. It is a recognition of exemplary service, but also an obligation to continue serving society. The banner symbolizes, among other things, pride in being Polish,” said Gen. Jacek Kitliński, the Director-General of the Prison Service.

    The ceremony was also attended by parliamentarians, local government officials, representatives of the government administration and uniformed services, as well as the bishop of the Kielce diocese, Jan Piotrowski.

    The banner will be used during national and state holidays, patriotic and religious ceremonies, as well as during the presentation of nominations for higher ranks, awards, and decorations to officers.

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