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    Minister Zbigniew Ziobro Meets with Solidarity of Miners in Katowice

    “Poland cannot afford to implement the provisions of the energy and climate package imposed by the European Union. It would lead to a drastic increase in energy prices, as well as inflation and the cost of living for our citizens. Therefore, we must defend what guarantees the cheapest electricity for Poles: Polish coal, which is also a guarantee of our energy sovereignty,” said Minister of Justice and Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro during today’s meeting with representatives of the National Section of Solidarity of Hard Coal Mining in Katowice.

    The visit to Katowice was another meeting of Zbigniew Ziobro with representatives of the mining industry. Delegates from all Polish mines attended the meeting. Earlier, the minister met with miners from the mines in Bełchatów, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, and Turów, among others.

    “Our position is consistent. In order for the mining industry to be competitive and for Poles not to overpay for energy, we must safeguard our Polish interests. We have agreed with representatives of the Solidarity of Miners on the details of further cooperation, the most important goals, and we will implement them consistently,” emphasized Zbigniew Ziobro.

    Brussels officials prioritize short-term political gains over the energy security of EU member states. Therefore, the Polish government must unwaveringly defend Polish mining as a strategic branch of our industry.

    “Energy security of the country is one of the most important issues. We will do everything to prevent a situation where we face power supply disruptions during the autumn-winter period. This is exactly what the EU regulations are leading to. We disagree with that. We must protect the interests of the state, Polish citizens, and the domestic mining and energy sector,” said Zbigniew Ziobro in Katowice.

    The meeting was also attended by Minister and member of the Council of Ministers, Michał Wójcik, as well as the deputy marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship, Beata Białowąs. “Silesia is a region of concentration of key industries. That is why today’s meeting with representatives of all mines and the development of a common strategy for the Polish mining industry is so important,” emphasized Minister Michał Wójcik.

    Poland has enormous reserves of hard coal and lignite. The coal supplied to power plants, combined heat and power plants, as well as individual consumers, should be Polish, not imported. The need for energy independence was clearly demonstrated by the crisis caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Investments in our mining industry will strengthen Poland’s position on the international stage and translate into low electricity prices for Poles. Unfortunately, the EU’s energy and climate policy is characterized by ideology. Poland is being forced to move away from coal, which clearly threatens our security. Energy transformation, although necessary, cannot happen at the expense of citizens.

    The protection of the mining community, dedicated to national interests and serving as a commendable example of hard work, is also essential.

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