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    Minister Ziobro Pays Tribute to WWII Heroes and Calls for Historical Truth

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    Minister Zbigniew Ziobro honors Polish soldiers who fought in the 1939 campaign, emphasizing the need to remember their bravery and historical truth.

    In a solemn ceremony on September 13, 2023, Polish Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobro, paid tribute to Polish soldiers who valiantly fought during the September 1939 campaign against the German invaders in the Podkarpacie region. Minister Ziobro’s own grandfather, Lieutenant Ryszard Kornicki, was among those who participated in these historic battles.

    At a press conference held in Jaślany, Podkarpacie, Minister Ziobro laid wreaths at the graves of the fallen from September 1939 and attended a Mass for the peace of their souls in a local church.

    On September 13, 1939, a platoon of infantry artillery from the 5th Podhale Rifles Regiment, led by Lieutenant Ryszard Kornicki, engaged in a fierce battle with German armored units near Jaślany. The platoon successfully destroyed four German armored vehicles, helping to halt the German advance and allowing the Polish Army to continue its retreat. Many Polish soldiers, including six subordinates of Minister Ziobro’s grandfather, sacrificed their lives in the battle. Jaślany village also suffered immense losses, with dozens of farms reduced to ashes.

    Minister Ziobro stressed the importance of remembering these heroes who defended Poland against the Nazis and emphasized the duty to preserve historical truth for future generations. He reminded everyone that Poland faced an unequal struggle in September 1939 against both Germany and the Soviet Union, highlighting the bravery of the Polish armed forces.

    Furthermore, Minister Marcin Warchoł, Deputy Minister of Justice, pointed out that Poland endured the greatest losses in World War II, and he called for Germany to acknowledge its historical responsibility. He noted that the upcoming elections would determine whether the reparations owed to Poland would be addressed.

    Andrzej Głaz, the mayor of Tuszów Narodowy, echoed the call for reparations, questioning whether Poland deserved compensation for its immense wartime losses.

    Maria Kurowska, a member of parliament, highlighted the importance of historical education, noting that during the previous government’s tenure, the teaching of history in Polish schools was limited while other countries expanded their history lessons.

    The ceremony and statements made by Minister Ziobro and his colleagues serve as a poignant reminder of Poland’s historical sacrifices and the ongoing importance of preserving the truth about its wartime experiences.

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