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    Miraculous Survival in Shocking Olsztyn Crash: Drunk Truck Driver Causes Havoc [VIDEO]

    Shocking accident on Bałtycka Street in Olsztyn left many injured but, astonishingly, no fatalities. The crash, which occurred on Monday around 7 PM near a viaduct, involved a speeding dump truck driven by a heavily intoxicated driver.

    The 42-year-old driver, whose blood alcohol level exceeded 2 promiles, first rammed into four cars waiting at a traffic light. One of the cars flipped over due to the impact. The truck then crashed into the rear of a city bus stationed at a bus stop, clipped the bus shelter, and veered off the road down an embankment.

    Video footage from the incident reveals the chaotic and horrifying moments of the crash, making it seem almost unbelievable that no lives were lost. A total of 26 people were involved, with 12 transported to hospitals. Remarkably, none of the injuries were severe.

    Credits: KMP Olsztyn

    Daniel Brodowski, spokesperson for the Olsztyn District Prosecutor’s Office, announced that the investigation would be led by the Olsztyn-North Regional Prosecutor’s Office. “Procedural actions with the 42-year-old truck driver are scheduled for tomorrow,” Brodowski stated, adding that the driver is currently detained.

    The investigation will focus on causing a traffic disaster, which carries a potential penalty of up to five years in prison. The truck driver, a foreign national whose nationality has not been disclosed, was taken to the hospital following the accident. After medical clearance, he was placed in police custody.

    The Olsztyn police confirmed the driver’s intoxication, noting the high alcohol level in his breath. This critical detail underscores the gravity of the incident and the fortunate outcome that no lives were claimed in what could have been a tragic catastrophe.

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