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    Moldovan Security Services: “We Never Had Contact with Kozlovska or Her Husband”

    During the hearing in court, Lyudmyla Kozlovska from the Open Dialogue Foundation testified that Moldovan security services showed her data from a secret report by the Polish Internal Security Agency. However, the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova had already denied this claim a week ago. A journalist from the portal sent additional questions, including whether Lyudmyla Kozlovska or Bartosz Kramek had ever been interrogated by those services. In the response received this morning, the allegations were denied.

    Last Friday, on June 30th, as part of the trial brought by the Open Dialogue Foundation against Tomasz Sakiewicz, Editor-in-Chief of “Gazeta Polska,” a hearing was held, during which Lyudmyla Kozlovska was interrogated. The trial concerns the funding of the Open Dialogue Foundation.

    During the questioning, Kozlovska, in response to Sakiewicz’s questions, stated that she had been deemed a threat to the Polish state “based on a secret report (…) which, as we know from Moldovan services, currently democratic, was built on fake news from Kazakhstan and Moldova.”

    When asked about this matter, she stated that “Moldovan services showed her this information” and confirmed her statement once again.

    Kozlovska’s words sparked considerable controversy. In response to the article reporting her testimony on the portal, the Moldovan security services issued a statement.

    “In the context of Lyudmyla Kozlovska’s public statements, the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova (SIS) categorically denies and firmly rejects the insinuations and interpretations related to her activities. We condemn all attempts to tarnish and involve institutions in politically motivated disputes – conditions that affect the image and credibility of the SIS,”

    the statement read.

    It was emphasized that the Security and Intelligence Service did not provide Lyudmyla Kozlovska with any classified materials from Poland or any other partners.

    Today, the Moldovan services provided us with further information.

    In response to the question from the journalist about whether Lyudmyla Kozlovska or Bartosz Kramek had been interrogated by the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova in the past, we received a response stating that they never had any contact with Kozlovska or her husband.

    The SIS reminded that the investigation against Kozlovska was conducted by the Special Parliamentary Commission and the Office of the Prosecutor General.

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