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    Morawiecki Exposes Tusk’s Pro-Migration Agenda Amid German Influence Speculation

    Former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has thrown down the gauntlet, urging Donald Tusk to firmly reject the migration pact and hinting at potential German sway over Tusk’s stance.

    During a recent press conference in Brussels, Morawiecki didn’t mince words, denouncing the migration pact as a catalyst for illegal immigration and a threat to the sovereignty of European nations. He made it clear that he stands against any moves towards centralization within the EU.

    Morawiecki didn’t shy away from scrutinizing Tusk’s position either. He called attention to Tusk’s past actions, including the nullification of a referendum, suggesting that Tusk’s advocacy for the migration pact contradicts the will of millions of Polish citizens who voted against it.

    Recalling the tumultuous period of 2015-2016, Morawiecki highlighted the initial approval of the migration pact, which echoed Germany’s “willkommenskultur” policy. Despite this, he emphasized the unified front of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in demanding unanimous consent for any migration-related measures. Morawiecki accused Tusk of flouting this principle and indirectly supporting the migration pact, even in the face of procedural irregularities.

    From the heart of Brussels, Morawiecki issued a direct challenge to Tusk, urging him to use his veto power to halt the migration pact. He suggested that Tusk’s evasion of the issue signals the pressure exerted by German and other European power brokers.

    Morawiecki’s bold stance not only exposes Tusk’s pro-migration agenda but also casts doubt on the extent of German influence within the EU. As the migration debate rages on, Morawiecki’s call for decisive action from Tusk reverberates across Europe, underscoring the deep divisions and external pressures confronting European leaders in addressing this contentious issue.

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