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    Morawiecki on “Entry Group” in TV Republika: They are aware they are acting unlawfully

    In a recent interview on Telewizja Republika, Mateusz Morawiecki, a member of the Law and Justice (PiS) party, discussed the revelations made by about the “Entry Group,” emphasizing their awareness of engaging in unlawful activities.

    According to the report on, a WhatsApp group called “Entry” includes individuals such as the neo-president of the Polish Press Agency (PAP) Marek Błoński, lawyer Sylwia Gregorczyk-Abram (co-founder of the “Free Courts” initiative), the new vice president of Polish Radio (formerly from TVN) Juliusz Kaszyński, and Paweł Majcher, the new president of Polish Radio (formerly chief of staff to Sienkiewicz).

    Morawiecki expressed his outrage, stating, “This is absolutely illegal activity.” He further commented on the situation, comparing it to martial law in some aspects. He criticized the shutting down of television programs and the unlawful presence of security agents, drawing parallels to those who protected Donald Tusk during his recent march.

    He urged the police to intervene, expressing disappointment in their failure to act appropriately. Morawiecki, present at PAP headquarters during the interview, asserted, “All of this indicates that they are aware that they are acting unlawfully. However, they are acting, using brutal force. Brutal force was used during martial law. I remember it well. Not only shame but also punishment must follow what we are witnessing here.”

    Morawiecki continued to address the situation, highlighting the group “Entry.” He remarked on the evident awareness among its members that their actions are illegal. He pointed out the absence of entries for these individuals in the National Court Register, emphasizing the absolute illegality of their actions.

    “In my opinion, this is because the new government does not want to disclose to the public that it agreed to the migration pact with the EU a few days ago. The pact includes the obligation to accept illegal migrants or face draconian penalties for non-compliance. This is why informational monopoly is needed for the current government,” concluded Morawiecki, linking the controversy to the government’s handling of sensitive political matters.


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