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    Morawiecki’s Call for Justice: Poland’s Demand for Reparations 84 Years After WWII

    Eighty-four years after the outbreak of World War II, Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, took to social media to emphasize the country’s quest for justice and closure. In a poignant message, he highlighted the need for acknowledgment of the past’s atrocities and the suffering endured. Morawiecki firmly stated that Poles aren’t just seeking remembrance; they are demanding restitution and justice.

    Reparations, according to the Prime Minister, are essential to finally close the painful chapter of Poland, Europe, and the world’s history. These words come as a poignant reminder of the immense sacrifices made by Polish heroes and the enduring memory of those who gave their lives.

    The call for reparations serves as a testament to Poland’s determination to ensure that the world never forgets the horrors of WWII. It reflects a collective commitment to justice, truth, and the pursuit of a more equitable future. As the nation commemorates its heroes and demands justice, the cry of “Cześć i chwała polskim bohaterom!” echoes, honoring those who fell in the struggle for freedom. Long live the Republic of Poland!

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