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    Mount Global Real Estate Fund to Debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Mount Global Real Estate Fund, Poland’s first REIT-focused fund, is set to debut on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on Monday, April 22. With a dynamic approach, the fund primarily invests in REIT structures globally, targeting both Polish and international organized markets.

    REIT Investment Strategy
    Mount Global Real Estate Fund focuses on REIT investments, mirroring the popular U.S. model. REITs encompass various real estate assets such as residential, commercial properties, and related infrastructure, offering exposure to this asset class.

    Public Offering and Market Expansion
    Approval by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) on February 23 transformed the fund into a public investment fund, expanding its investor base. The fund plans to issue 12 new series of certificates through public offerings, enhancing liquidity and investor flexibility.

    Growth Prospects
    The fund’s strategy capitalizes on robust real estate market trends, aiming to provide diversified exposure to investors. The introduction of certificates for public trading enables participants to trade them on the exchange, enhancing market accessibility and exit options.

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