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    Multimedia Enhancements at Olsztyn Castle Bring Kopernik’s Era to Life

    The Museum of Warmia and Masuria has launched an application allowing visitors to explore Olsztyn Castle and experience medieval rooms. For gaming enthusiasts, a computer game related to Copernicus’ stay at the castle has also been prepared.

    The museum aims to enrich the tourist experience with three multimedia novelties: a film about Copernicus, an application, and a computer game. According to the museum director, Piotr Żuchowski, these additions are designed to enhance the tourist offer.

    A unique astronomical tool used by Copernicus – a plaque that helped determine the vernal equinox – is on display in the castle’s cloister. A film explaining its creation and function will be played on a monitor placed beneath it.

    QR codes have been placed throughout the castle. Visitors, upon purchasing a ticket, can download the application and scan the QR codes to see how each location appeared in Copernicus’ time. After scanning all the codes, visitors receive a virtual diploma.

    The third multimedia addition is a computer game that allows players to experience life in Olsztyn Castle during Copernicus’ era. The game covers topics such as the operation of the astronomical plaque and showcases the castle’s architecture from the astronomer’s time.

    The game begins with players arriving at the castle as the new administrator, and it progresses through various stages, depicting Copernicus’ work on the astronomical plaque, management of surrounding areas, and even the Teutonic Knights’ attack on Olsztyn.

    The museum anticipates that these interactive elements will be particularly well-received by children and youth. The introduction of multimedia into museums aligns with the inevitable direction of such institutions’ development.

    Both the regional marshal, Marcin Kuchciński, and Archbishop Józef Górzyński acknowledged the significance of incorporating multimedia into museums, emphasizing its captivating and engaging nature.

    Last year, Olsztyn Castle, now designated a historical monument, welcomed 56,000 visitors.

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