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    National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising: A Commemoration of Triumph and Liberation

    As December 27th dawns upon Poland, the nation unites in commemoration of the National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising—a pivotal moment etched in history that heralded the liberation of Greater Poland from the clutches of German rule.

    Exactly 105 years ago, the discordant echo of a gunshot, fired callously into a throng of Polish demonstrators by German soldiers in Poznań, ignited the flames of defiance. This singular act sparked the Greater Poland Uprising, an event that altered the course of history and redefined the fate of a region under foreign occupation.

    The uprising surged forth, an uprising that bore the spirit of resilience and the fervent desire for freedom. Within a matter of weeks, by mid-January, swathes of the region were wrested from the grip of occupiers, reclaiming what was rightfully Polish. The territories reclaimed by these valiant insurgents were officially recognized as part of the Republic of Poland through the truce in Trewir, solidified by the acknowledgement of the Greater Poland front as an Allied front.

    Crucially, the tide turned definitively with the signing of the Versailles Treaty on June 28, 1919. This monumental accord secured Poland’s resurgence, guaranteeing the return of nearly the entire Greater Poland region—a triumph that resonates through generations and stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Polish people.

    This year marks only the second commemoration of the National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising, solidifying its significance in the country’s collective memory. The establishment of this revered national holiday, signed into effect by President Andrzej Duda on November 23, 2021, bears witness to the enduring legacy of the uprising and its enduring impact on the fabric of Polish identity.

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