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    National Museum in Poznań: The first exhibition of Kenya Hara, one of the most famous Japanese designers in the world

    In March, the first Kenya Hara’s exhibition in Poland will be held at the National Museum in Poznań. He is one of the most recognized Japanese designers in the world.

    He was honored with many awards in many fields covering various design activities, i.e. advertising, visual identification, book design, exhibitions. He also received the Suntory Arts and Science Award in Social Sciences and Humanities.

    Since 1993, he has been associated with the Nippon Design Center, where he runs his own studio/think-tank Hara Design Institute. He is the creator of many international exhibitions, the creative director of the MUJI company, the author of books combining design with the philosophy of life.

    Using communication to plan and implement various projects, he treats design as universal wisdom.

    The exhibition will present, among others the most important posters that have been created since the beginning of Kenya Hara’s artistic work. The most important are the cycles from 1990-1994 Takeo Paper World designed for the Japanese paper manufacturer Takeo Co. Ltd. for annual exhibitions. In these projects, Kenya Hara experimented with form and texture, resulting in extremely mysterious, abstract works.

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