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    National ticking: Help Identify Dangerous Hyalomma Ticks in Poland

    Polish scientists are seeking public help to track the presence of large, exotic Hyalomma ticks through the National ticking initiative.

    About Hyalomma Ticks

    Hyalomma ticks, also known as “monster ticks,” can grow up to 2 cm when engorged with blood. They are fast-moving and actively pursue their hosts, including horses, sheep, cattle, and dogs. They pose a significant risk to humans by transmitting the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and other dangerous pathogens.

    Citizen Science in Action

    Professor Anna Bajer from the University of Warsaw urges citizens to report and send captured ticks for research. Volunteers are asked to carefully remove and freeze the ticks before sending them to the university for study.

    Impact and Participation

    By participating in this citizen science project, the public can help map the distribution of Hyalomma ticks in Poland. This information is crucial for preventing tick-borne diseases and understanding the spread of these exotic pests.

    Safety Precautions

    While the threat from ticks is serious, experts advise not to let fear hinder outdoor activities. Proper precautions can mitigate the risks without compromising the benefits of nature exposure.

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