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    NATO Urged to Increase Defense Spending Amid Russian Threats

    In a recent interview with CNBC, President Andrzej Duda emphasized the urgent need for NATO to boost its defense expenditures to avoid becoming the next target of Russian aggression. Duda’s call to action comes amidst escalating tensions in Eastern Europe and growing concerns over Russia’s military capabilities.

    Addressing the Threat:
    President Duda underscored the necessity of raising defense spending to 3% of GDP, citing reports suggesting that Putin could significantly enhance Russia’s military potential by 2026 or 2027. He stressed the importance of proactive measures to deter potential attacks, highlighting the window of opportunity to bolster Europe’s security infrastructure.

    Creating Deterrence:
    The President emphasized the importance of creating a formidable deterrence capability to prevent conflict, asserting that no one desires war. He urged NATO members to prioritize defense investments as a means of safeguarding against potential aggression and maintaining regional stability.

    Proposal for Action:
    During his recent visit to Washington, President Duda presented proposals to increase spending within the Alliance, advocating for bipartisan support in both the White House and Congress. He emphasized the significance of every contribution to Ukraine’s defense efforts, emphasizing the pivotal role of the United States in ensuring global security.

    Solidarity Against Imperialism:
    President Duda condemned Russia’s imperialist agenda and stressed the need for collective action to counter its aggression. He warned against the consequences of allowing Putin to emerge victorious, emphasizing the imperative of halting Russian expansionism and preserving global stability.

    As tensions continue to escalate in Eastern Europe, President Duda’s call for increased defense spending within NATO serves as a crucial step towards deterring potential aggression and maintaining regional security. Solidarity and proactive measures are essential in confronting the challenges posed by Russian aggression and ensuring peace in the region.

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