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    Natural Pharmaceuticals Donates 15 AEDs to Local Communities

    Natural Pharmaceuticals donates 15 AEDs to local communities in partnership with “Ratuj z Sercem” to mark its 15th anniversary.

    To mark its 15th anniversary, Natural Pharmaceuticals (NP) is renewing its partnership with the “Ratuj z Sercem” initiative, donating 15 life-saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to local communities. Twelve of these devices will be allocated through a competition for NP customers.

    Competition Details

    Applications for the 12 AEDs can be submitted until May 22, 2024, via the “Ratuj z Sercem” contest page on the NP website. AEDs can restore normal heart rhythm in cases of sudden cardiac arrest and are designed for use by anyone, even without medical training.

    Company Commitment

    “Health and life are paramount. Celebrating our 15th anniversary by contributing to this project was an easy choice,” said Jonas Törnquist, President of Natural Pharmaceuticals. “We believe this will make our anniversary truly special.”

    Critical Impact

    Statistics show the crucial need for rapid action during cardiac arrest, emphasizing the importance of immediate AED access and response. The “Ratuj z Sercem” initiative’s interactive map helps locate the nearest AEDs.

    Expert Insight

    Dr. Wojciech Rychlik, the initiative’s founder, highlighted the critical role of AEDs in life-saving scenarios and called for automated emergency services notification systems.

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