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    Navigating the Matura: Math Exam Day

    Today marks a pivotal moment for over 293,000 high school seniors across Poland as they embark on their mandatory matura journey. Amidst the palpable tension, Marcin Smolik, Director of the Central Examination Board, reassures the candidates of a smooth start to their math exam.

    Two Formulas, One Goal: Success

    In this year’s matura, students face a dual formula challenge. While recent graduates tackle the new 2023 format, older cohorts grapple with the established 2015 version. Regardless of the formula, each candidate must navigate a series of tests within a set timeframe, armed only with essential tools like formulas, basic calculators, rulers, and compasses.

    Beyond the rigors of mathematics, students opt for elective exams in minority languages like Kashubian and Lemko, or classics such as Latin and ancient culture. These optional exams, reserved for advanced levels, add a layer of complexity to an already demanding process.

    Results Await

    To secure a matura certificate, candidates must clear compulsory exams in Polish, mathematics, and a modern foreign language. Failure in one subject warrants a second chance, while multiple failures defer resolution to the following year. Additionally, oral exams in Polish, foreign languages, and native tongues for minority students further underscore the examination’s breadth.

    As the dust settles on exam day, candidates eagerly await their fate, knowing that success opens doors to higher education. With results slated for release on July 9th, the journey from exam hall to university lecture hall inches closer to completion.

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