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    Neonet, a Major Electronics Retailer in Poland, Declares Bankruptcy

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    Neonet, a prominent electronics retail chain in Poland, founded in 2003, has officially declared bankruptcy, marking a significant setback for the company that once boasted nearly 300 outlets. The announcement, made public by PurePC, comes as a surprise given Neonet’s consistent expansion, with a new store opening in Kępno just last month.

    The indication of financial distress appeared in the National Register of Debtors on November 30, signaling the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings. Reports from various sources suggest that some customers have already been notified of the inability to fulfill their orders.

    In June, the network’s Expansion Director, Andrzej Czarnecki, spoke optimistically about the company’s growth, foreseeing the opening of 20-25 stores annually. However, this positive outlook seems to have taken a sharp turn, leading to the unexpected collapse of the retail giant.

    As Neonet grapples with its financial turmoil, the fate of its numerous employees and the impact on the electronics retail market in Poland remain uncertain.

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