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    New Bike Path Completes Third Stage of Old Railway Route in West Pomeranian Province

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    Discover the completed third stage of West Pomeranian’s Old Railway Trail, a serene cycling route linking coastal and lakeland regions.

    The third phase of constructing a key regional cycling route in West Pomeranian Province has concluded. New segments of the Old Railway Trail have been established in the municipalities of Białogard, Karlino, Będzino, Świeszyno, and Mielno. The European Union provided nearly 7 million PLN for this endeavor.

    Running from north to south through the eastern part of the province, the Old Railway Trail connects the central coast to the West Pomeranian lakeland region. Stretching over 30 km, it boasts two branches to the north starting in Mielno near Koszalin and in Kołobrzeg, merging in Białogard. Part of the Kołobrzeg section follows the former railway embankment through Gościno and Karlino, now adorned with shrubs and trees. The path continues through the spa town of Połczyn-Zdrój and the Drawsko Landscape Park.

    Primarily catering to cyclists seeking tranquility, relaxation, and communion with nature, the expanding network of bike paths in West Pomerania is gaining popularity. The latest segments, now open, provide an attractive means of active leisure.

    In this third phase, sections Mielno – Wronie Gniazdo – Klępino – Karlino have been paved, some accommodating agricultural vehicles and State Forests’ cars. Sporting a 3-meter-wide asphalt surface and solidified shoulders, the entire 30-km route is well-marked.

    The completion of this stage does not mark the end of the cycling project. The contract for the Złocieniec – Wałcz stretch has been awarded, extending the initiative that saw the 2020 completion of the Białogard – Złocieniec section. A 5-kilometer bike path was established along the former Świdwin – Połczyn-Zdrój railway embankment as part of that effort.

    As the “Old Railway Trail” project nears its culmination, progress is evident in the section linking with the recently finished project. Soon, travelers will be able to comfortably traverse between Karlino and Białogard by bike path, affirms Deputy Marshal Tomasz Sobieraj.

    The third stage of the Old Railway Trail project, costing over 8.2 million PLN, secured close to 7 million PLN in European Union funding from the West Pomeranian Regional Operational Program.

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