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    New Light Shed on Mysterious Deaths Unveiled in Warsaw’s Wola District: Ukrainian Accused of Triple Homicide

    Authorities have unveiled details surrounding the discovery of four bodies in an abandoned tenement building on Grzybowska Street in the Wola district. The latest developments have seen Andrij S., a 34-year-old Ukrainian national, charged with three counts of murder, according to spokesperson Szymon Banna from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

    The investigation into the grim discovery of four men’s bodies in the derelict building has intensified, with autopsies being ordered to shed light on the circumstances of their deaths. Seven individuals have been apprehended in connection with the case.

    Spokesperson Banna disclosed that six individuals have been charged in connection with the case. Andrij S. stands accused of committing three homicides, while the remaining suspects have been charged with failing to report the homicides.

    Highlighting the necessity to ensure the proper progression of the investigation, Prosecutor Banna emphasized that a request has been made for the temporary detention of all suspects involved in the case.

    The abandoned tenement on Grzybowska Street served as the grim backdrop for the discovery of the four men’s bodies. Two bodies were found on Sunday, followed by two more on Monday. Among the seven individuals apprehended, four are men and three are women, all potentially linked to the unfolding events. The bodies have been transferred to the Department of Forensic Medicine for autopsies to be conducted.

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