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    New logistics and equipment complex in Powidz 

    On April 5, the head of the Ministry of Defence attended the grand opening of the “Long Term Equipment Storage and Maintenance Complex” (LTESM-C) in Powidz. This is the largest single infrastructure project funded by NATO and the US in the last 30 years. It consists of warehouses that will store thousands of pieces of military equipment and supplies. It includes tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery, technical security vehicles, and self-propelled bridges.

    “The strategic partnership with the United States and Poland’s active membership in the North Atlantic Alliance are the pillars of our homeland’s security. Today, once again, I have the honour with Ambassador Brzezinski to visit Powidz and open another investment related to strengthening Poland’s security, but also to strengthen the security of the entire eastern flank of NATO,”

    said Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

    “The base we are opening today is modelled on US bases that have been operating for years in Western Europe. The ability to store military equipment at this base will significantly reduce the response time of US forces, a response that strengthens the security of Poland and the entire eastern flank of NATO. The security system we are building is based on just such a principle. On the principle of building a system of defence and deterrence. So in just a few days, US forces will be able to support Polish forces. The very fact of building this base is a very important element in deterring an aggressor and showing solidarity within the North Atlantic Alliance,”

    the Deputy Prime Minister said.

    The complex enables the rapid and efficient reception of allied reinforcement forces. It also reduces the time it takes to fully equip them with equipment from a month and a half (in the case of equipment flown in from the US) to just a few days. LTESM-C is more than 60,000 m² of humidity-controlled storage space capable of providing the best possible conditions for storing not only equipment but also the materials necessary for its immediate operation and maintenance. The LTESM-C complex will complement the MSA (Munition Storage Area) ammunition storage complex under construction – also in Powidz.

    “Behind me, the US equipment is shown, but the Polish Army is also equipped with the same equipment. This is the principle we follow. We choose the best equipment, proven in battle (…) As a rule, our goal is to make interoperability between the US forces and the Polish Armed Forces as high as possible,”

    the head of the Ministry of Defence added.

    The two investments are part of a consistently implemented plan to expand infrastructure at Powidz – an outcome of the bilateral Polish-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed in 2020.

    “Our strong relations and cooperation build the security of the entire eastern flank of NATO. As we always say, so today I want to say too – together we are stronger,”

    Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak noted.

    The bilateral Polish-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) was signed in 2020. The EDCA agreement creates the conditions for a sustained and long-term presence of the US armed forces in Poland. It impacts positively the security and defence of our country and economic development.

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