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    Next week: 16th European Economic Congress – Shaping Europe’s Future

    The 16th European Economic Congress in Katowice gathers prominent figures from European and national political and economic spheres. From May 7th to 9th, the International Congress Center will host discussions on pivotal issues facing Europe’s future.

    The congress opens with a reflection on Poland’s 20-year EU membership and discussions on Europe’s priorities and security architecture. Notable figures like Rafał Brzoska and Andrew Bester will discuss Poland’s global economic competitiveness, while international guests including Iveta Radičová and Amit Joshi will offer diverse perspectives.

    New Dimensions:

    The EEC Talks introduce a dynamic platform for economists, politicians, and business leaders to share insights. Various panels will explore economic partnerships between Poland and countries like Brazil, India, and the United Arab Emirates, enhancing global economic ties.

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