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    Norwegian Extremist Arrested in Poland: Connection to Neo-Nazi Groups Revealed

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    Poland, in cooperation with its security agencies, has apprehended a Norwegian citizen attempting to cross into Ukraine at the end of September. The man was planning to join the International Territorial Defense Legion in Ukraine and was found to have direct ties to neonazi groups. As the investigation unfolds, it has become clear that this individual posed a significant threat to both Polish national security and public order.

    On September 21, 2023, a Norwegian citizen was intercepted while attempting to cross from Poland into Ukraine with intentions to participate in the ongoing conflict. His plans included joining the International Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine and acquiring military equipment, including insignia, uniforms, and weapons from deceased Russian soldiers. Upon arrest, authorities also found illegal substances and materials promoting extremism and radicalization in his possession

    Neo-Nazi Ties:
    Investigations revealed the suspect’s direct links to neonazi groups operating in Norway. He had previously been on the radar of the Norwegian police due to illegal possession of weapons and threats made against government officials. As a result, the Norwegian national is currently detained in a secure facility awaiting extradition.

    Given the potential threat to Poland’s internal security, the Internal Security Agency has requested the expulsion of the foreign national from Polish territory.

    Poland’s cooperative efforts between the Internal Security Agency and the Border Guard have successfully thwarted the entry of an extremist with alarming connections, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in countering such threats.

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