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    Notorious Car Thieves ‘Lala’ and ‘Góral’ Apprehended in Daring Police Operation [VIDEO]

    In a stunning display of police efficiency and determination, the notorious car thieves known as “Lala” and “Góral” have been captured by the police officers from the “Eagle” group of the Warsaw Car Crime Department. The dynamic duo, aged 38 and 49, had been wreaking havoc in the city, stealing up to 10 cars each week from various locations. However, their reign of criminality came to an abrupt end during a daring operation on one of Warsaw’s ring roads.

    For months, the “Eagle” group had been meticulously gathering intelligence to identify and apprehend the two highly-ranked car thieves. Operating with audacity, the criminals targeted Japanese and Korean vehicles, often committing their brazen acts of theft in broad daylight. Their stolen vehicles would then be transported to a concealed location near Wołomin, where they would be dismantled and sold for parts.

    Police Crack Down on High-Ranking Car Theft Duo Operating in Warsaw

    Last week, the tireless efforts of the capital’s motor vehicle division paid off when they received information that the duo was planning another heist in Praga Południe. Capitalizing on this valuable lead, the police swiftly mobilized to apprehend the culprits.

    Utilizing cutting-edge methods and criminal analysis, the police officers strategically positioned themselves along the suspects’ intended route. At approximately 11:30 a.m., the thieves struck, stealing a Toyota CHR and setting off toward their clandestine disassembly site.

    To apprehend the culprits, a well-coordinated operation was put into action. The “Eagle” group, aided by the “Kobra” group of the Police District Headquarters in Praga Południe, the KSP Traffic Department, and the Police Prevention Unit in Warsaw, established a blockade and set up an ambush at a carefully selected location. Despite being cornered, the audacious thieves refused to surrender and tried to ram their way out, endangering the lives of intervening officers.

    In response to the imminent threat, the police made a split-second decision to forcibly detain the criminals by breaking the windows of their getaway vehicles. Subsequent searches of the suspects’ car revealed a cache of electrical devices commonly used in vehicle theft, including a Codegrabber, a key emulator known as a gameboy, and specialized tools for manipulating bus sockets and Can-bus systems. Authorities also discovered GSM and GPS jammers, although they were rendered ineffective during the operation.

    After their capture, both “Lala” and “Góral” were promptly taken into custody and brought before the District Prosecutor’s Office of Warsaw Praga Południe. The men now face three charges each of car theft with burglary, in addition to failing to stop for traffic control. Furthermore, the prosecutor’s office has received a motion to open an investigation against the detainees for active assault on police officers, reflecting the desperate lengths the criminals went to avoid capture.

    With the court granting the prosecutor’s request for temporary custody, the 38- and 49-year-old thieves will be held for a period of three months. The District Prosecutor’s Office of Warsaw Praga Południe will oversee the case, ensuring that justice is served for the victims of these brazen car thefts.

    Video from the action below.

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