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    Nutka – A Heroic Jack Russell Terrier Retires after 12 Years of Service

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    In June, Nutka, a Jack Russell Terrier, concluded her impressive 12-year tenure at the Mazovian Customs and Tax Office. Her outstanding contribution to the team is evident in her ability to inspect up to 300 suitcases at a time! Nutka boasts a long list of professional achievements and can rightfully bask in her successes.

    Nutka’s primary place of work was Chopin Airport, where her main duty involved searching luggage. She had the remarkable capacity to inspect the cargo of even the largest aircraft landing at Okęcie, such as the Boeing 777 arriving from Dubai, which meant scrutinizing nearly 300 suitcases! Additionally, Nutka’s official responsibilities included working with her handler, Grzegorz, in the arrivals and departures hall, where she spontaneously checked passengers’ carry-on bags. One particular place that Nutka adored due to the freedom to work without a leash was the Expeditionary and Distribution Center of the Polish Post, which receives packages from all around the world. Whenever necessary, she also provided her services to various courier companies.

    Twice, Nutka represented the Customs and Tax Service with flying colors in the Military Gendarmerie’s working dog competitions. She also made appearances in front of cameras, becoming one of the featured stars on the Discovery Channel’s program, “Airport,” as well as appearing on TVP INFO in news reports about the detection of heroin in travelers’ suitcases.

    But that’s not all when it comes to Nutka’s successes!

    As one of the two dogs from the Customs and Tax Service, she obtained a Certificate from the World Customs Organization during training in 2018 at the Ukrainian Customs Service Dog Training Center. Trained to detect narcotics and equipped with an excellent sense of smell, Nutka has many drug discoveries to her credit.

    During her 12-year service, Nutka uncovered 150 kilograms of narcotics worth approximately PLN 10 million. She also collaborated with other law enforcement agencies such as the Police, Central Bureau of Investigation, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, and Border Guard.

    One of Nutka’s greatest achievements was the detection, alongside her four-legged colleague Loco, of over 11 kilograms of heroin worth 4.5 million Polish złoty. The drugs were cleverly hidden in the double bottoms of suitcases, and not even the scent of exotic spices that the traveler had placed in the bags could deceive these canine officers.

    The results of Nutka’s work and her remarkable successes are undoubtedly due to her handler, Grzegorz. They formed a harmonious and perfectly matched duo.

    Dogs of this breed may be small, but they possess great temperament, joyfulness, vigilance, friendliness, and an insatiable curiosity about the world. They are often referred to as “a big dog in a small body” or “a dog with ADHD.” It is these characteristics that make them excellent working dogs.

    And that’s precisely what our Nutka embodies.

    Thanks to her amiable nature, Nutka participated in educational activities with children and outdoor events. She always evoked tremendous enthusiasm among children and admiration as she effortlessly found hidden objects during her skill demonstrations. Nutka became a beloved figure among both children and adults, allowing herself to be petted and patiently posing for photos, effortlessly stealing the hearts of not just the youngest admirers.

    For the past month, Nutka has been enjoying a well-deserved retirement at the home of her owner, Grzegorz.

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