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    On January 2: Celebrating 77 Years of Skier Andrzej Bachleda-Curuś

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    Andrzej Bachleda-Curuś, also known as “Ałuś,” was born on January 2, 1947, in Zakopane, into a family with a rich sporting and musical heritage. His father, Andrzej Bachleda senior, was a prominent Polish downhill skier who, however, traded skis for music, while his mother, Maria Gąsienica-Wawrytko, was also a talented slalomist and Polish champion.

    Andrzej “Ałuś” Bachleda-Curuś, a graduate of a music high school and simultaneously a student at the Faculty of Architecture at the Krakow University of Technology, chose the path of skiing. His skiing talent was evident from a very young age when, at 2.5 years old, he participated in the famous children’s competition for the “Koziołek Matołek” Cup.

    Thanks to hard work, family support, and excellent coaches like Andrzej Roj-Gąsienica and Tomasz Duliński, Bachleda-Curuś became one of the most outstanding Polish alpine skiers. His technique, bravado, dynamism, and youthful energy allowed him to achieve numerous successes both nationally and internationally.

    As a representative of Start Zakopane and WKS Zakopane, he won multiple national titles in various disciplines, starting from downhill skiing, through slalom, giant slalom, and up to alpine combined. His most significant achievements include the bronze medal at the World Championships in Val Gardena in 1970 and the silver medal in St. Moritz in 1974.

    Among his numerous accomplishments are also participation in two Olympic Games – Grenoble 1968 and Sapporo 1972, where he had the honorable role of carrying the Polish team flag. He was the first Pole to receive the UNESCO “Fair Play” award in 1969 for his honesty on the slalom course.

    After retiring from competitive sports, “Ałuś” Bachleda-Curuś did not sever ties with skiing. He went to France on a coaching contract and has been living there ever since, also engaging in the promotion and sale of skiing equipment from renowned companies. His contribution to Polish sports was acknowledged by the award of the Order of Rebirth of Poland.

    Andrzej Bachleda-Curuś, “Ałuś,” remains an icon of Polish alpine skiing, and his life story is not just a tale of sporting success but also one of determination, passion, and love for this unique sport. On January 2, 2024, on the occasion of his birthday, we extend heartfelt wishes for health, happiness, and the continuation of the passion that has always been the driving force behind his remarkable achievements.

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