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    Opposition Coalition Signs Pact to Dissolve Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Bid for Government Formation

    Three opposition groupings signed a coalition agreement on Friday that includes the dismantling of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA).

    The agreement outlines the closure of the CBA as a measure to “depoliticize the uniformed services and special services alike, and introduce clear rules for state control over them.” Their decision aims to address concerns related to the alleged political interference and establish transparent guidelines for state oversight.

    Established with the mission to combat corruption in public and economic life, particularly in public and local government institutions, as well as to fight against activities detrimental to the State’s economic interests, the CBA’s resources, and authority are slated to be transferred to other departments within Polish law enforcement agencies.

    One potential recipient of these responsibilities would be the division for combating corruption offences in the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Polish Police. The coalition thinks that this move will “strengthen the fight against corruption,” as stated in the agreement.

    The agreement indicated that this step woud contribute to averting the bureau’s repeated involvement in political strife.


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