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    Organized Criminal Group Posting Fake Car Sale Ads Busted by CBZC

    Officers from the Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime (CBZC) in Katowice have apprehended four individuals suspected of involvement in an organized criminal group responsible for posting fake advertisements for the sale of cars on online platforms. The vehicles in question were purportedly sourced from European Union countries, and the scams resulted in losses totaling nearly 1.6 million Polish złoty.

    The group members employed a tactic known as “fronts,” creating individual business entities and acquiring legally operating companies. Using these fronts, they would then publish fictitious advertisements for the sale of cars originating from EU countries on various internet portals. The fraudulent listings included photos of vehicles obtained from legitimate offers on foreign sales platforms. Subsequently, the criminals would collect deposits for the advertised cars, assuring buyers that the vehicles would be delivered to the addresses specified within 30 working days. However, after this period, communication with the sellers ceased, with the fraudsters no longer answering calls or emails.

    As a result of intensive investigative work, officers from the CBZC in Katowice managed to gather enough evidence for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice to initiate an investigation into the organized criminal group. The group is suspected of numerous fraudulent activities, amounting to approximately 1.6 million złoty, including allegations of money laundering.

    Based on the orders issued by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice, searches were conducted at nine locations in four provinces, leading to the arrest of four individuals. These suspects collectively face 14 charges, with the court imposing a precautionary measure of temporary detention on three of them.

    The accused individuals could potentially face up to 10 years of imprisonment for the charges brought against them.

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