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    ORLEN Expands LNG Fleet to Strengthen Poland’s Energy Security

    Grupa ORLEN continues its strategic commitment to bolster Poland’s energy independence with the expansion of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) fleet. Recent developments in LNG transport align with the company’s diversification efforts, successfully eliminating reliance on Russian resources during Europe’s energy crisis.

    Fleet Expansion:

    In October, two vessels, named “Saint Barbara” and “Ignacy Łukasiewicz,” were unveiled in South Korea, marking a milestone in ORLEN’s LNG fleet development. These ships, equipped with innovative emission-reducing technologies, will contribute to Poland’s energy security.

    Pioneering environmentally friendly practices, the ships employ cutting-edge technologies, curbing fuel consumption by approximately 5%. This forward-thinking approach positions ORLEN as a leader in LNG transportation, vital in meeting the surging demand across Europe.

    Amidst geopolitical tensions affecting traditional gas supplies, ORLEN’s LNG strategy has proven resilient. European LNG imports surged to 61.3 billion cubic meters in H1 2023, a 79% increase from 2021, reinforcing the importance of self-sufficiency.

    Already operational vessels, “Lech Kaczyński” and “Grażyna Gęsicka,” contribute to Poland’s LNG imports. With a planned fleet of eight ships, ORLEN aims to optimize logistics and reduce transport costs, enhancing energy supply reliability.

    ORLEN’s commitment extends beyond the fleet, with agreements for regasification capacities at the upcoming FSRU terminal in the Gulf of Gdańsk. This infrastructure expansion anticipates a 58% increase in LNG deliveries annually.

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