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    Orlen Invests 6 Billion PLN in Anwil for Nitrogen Fertilizer Production Expansion

    Polish energy giant Orlen is set to invest 6 billion Polish zlotys (PLN) in its subsidiary, Anwil, by 2030. This substantial investment was announced by Orlen’s CEO, Daniel Obajtek, during the completion of Anwil’s third fertilizer production facility expansion, which is poised to boost the company’s nitrogen fertilizer output by approximately 50%.

    Securing the Future

    The strategic significance of this investment is underscored by its contribution to enhancing the security of nitrogen fertilizer production. The 1.7 billion PLN expansion project will significantly bolster Anwil’s annual fertilizer production capacity, increasing it from the current 996,000 tons to nearly 1.5 million tons. This expansion will also enable Anwil to offer four high-quality fertilizer varieties that meet stringent industry standards and quality requirements.

    Daniel Obajtek highlighted that the increased production of 500,000 tons has already been contracted by Anwil’s distributors, thus fulfilling a substantial portion of the domestic market demand.

    Job Creation and Past Investments

    The expansion project is expected to create around 200 additional jobs in Włocławek, where Anwil is headquartered. Currently, the company employs 1,200 individuals. Obajtek also noted that prior to the recent substantial investment, Anwil had received limited annual funding of approximately 150 million PLN for capital expenditure between 2008 and 2015, hindering the maintenance and growth of the company’s assets.

    Orlen’s commitment to Anwil and Włocławek has been unwavering, with 4 billion PLN already invested in the region from 2018 to 2023. Looking ahead, Orlen’s strategic plan aims to invest an additional 6 billion PLN by 2030, reaffirming its dedication to the growth and development of this vital industrial hub.

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