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    Orlen Lietuva to Deliver Diesel Fuel to Ukraine via Road Tankers

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    Orlen Lietuva to deliver diesel fuel to Ukraine via road tankers, overcoming railway gauge challenges. Strengthening market position and expanding sales volume.

    Orlen Lietuva, a subsidiary of Poland’s PKN Orlen, has announced its plans to utilize road tankers for the transportation of diesel fuel to Ukraine. This decision aims to expedite the delivery process, taking into account the varying railway gauges in Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine, as well as the high demand and strain on the logistics chain.

    Darius Szilenskis, the CEO of Klaipedos Nafta, the Lithuanian oil terminal, highlighted the challenges posed by the different railway gauges. He stated, “Some products are sent to Ukraine from Lithuania, but due to the varying railway gauges, conventional rail transport cannot be utilized.” To address this issue, the terminal will provide an alternative means of delivering products from the Polish refinery situated in Lithuania.

    Michał Rudnicki, the CEO of Orlen Lietuva, emphasized the company’s goal of increasing sales volume to Ukraine and improving loading conditions for Ukrainian customers. In the first quarter of this year, exports to Ukraine saw an impressive 93% growth compared to the same period last year, and the company aims to further expand this volume.

    The decision to employ road tankers for transportation will enable Orlen Lietuva to enhance its supply chain efficiency and meet the rising demand for its products in Ukraine. By choosing this alternative method, the company seeks to streamline operations and provide a smoother experience for its Ukrainian clientele.

    In conclusion, Orlen Lietuva’s adoption of road tankers for transporting diesel fuel to Ukraine signifies a strategic move to overcome the challenges posed by varying railway gauges. With the Lithuanian oil terminal facilitating the alternative delivery method, the company aims to strengthen its position in the Ukrainian market and continue its growth trajectory in the region.


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