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    Orlen’s Dominance in Polish Energy Sector Strengthens National Security

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    In a recent statement, Daniel Obajtek, the CEO of Orlen, emphatically asserted that Poland maintains control over its energy assets, dispelling claims made by opposition politicians during a televised debate. Orlen’s majority ownership of Rafineria Gdańska, formerly a Lotos subsidiary, underscores the Polish government’s significant stake in the company.

    Obajtek highlighted the Skarbu Państwa’s increased ownership to nearly 50% following the Orlen-Lotos merger, further solidifying Poland’s influence in the energy sector. This strategic consolidation, alongside previous mergers with PGNiG and Energa, has created a powerful entity capable of competing effectively across Europe, enhancing the nation’s fuel and energy security.

    The acquisition of Lotos has not only strengthened Poland’s energy resilience but also benefited neighboring countries such as Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Orlen’s expanded capabilities have facilitated international expansion, including the acquisition of fuel stations in Austria and strengthened partnerships with global oil producers like Saudi Aramco, ensuring a stable supply of crude oil to Poland.

    Obajtek emphasized that these mergers have allowed Poland to reduce its dependence on Russian oil. Under previous leadership, Polish refineries relied heavily on Russian crude. Furthermore, the Gdańsk refinery was considered for sale during the PO-PSL government’s tenure, with potential buyers including Russian firms.

    Thanks to these strategic moves, Orlen can offer its customers consistently competitive fuel prices, which have ranked among the lowest in the EU for several years. The company’s commitment to energy security and affordability underscores its vital role in Poland’s economic stability.

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