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    ORLEN’s First Hydrogen Station in Poznań

    ORLEN’s first 24-hour hydrogen station in Poznań marks a major step towards zero-emission transport in Poland.

    ORLEN has launched its first public, 24-hour hydrogen station in Poznań, marking a significant milestone in Poland’s transition to zero-emission transport. Located at 231 Warszawska Street, this station serves personal cars, trucks, and city buses, and is a crucial step towards a sustainable future.

    Clean Cities Project

    This hydrogen station is part of the Clean Cities project, funded by the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility and Poland’s Green Public Transport program. Initially serving 25 MPK Poznań buses, it now opens its doors to all hydrogen-powered vehicles. The project aims to build over 100 hydrogen stations across Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia by the end of the decade.

    Strategic Importance

    “Production and distribution of alternative fuels are key to ORLEN’s energy transition,” says Artur Osuchowski, ORLEN’s Board Member for Energy and Energy Transition. Hydrogen has immense potential in public transport, aligning with cities’ zero-emission goals and ORLEN’s strategic objectives.

    Hydrogen Technology

    The Poznań station features three dispensers: two with 350-bar pressure for buses and trucks, and one with 700-bar pressure for cars. Refueling a bus takes about 15 minutes and supports 350 km of travel, while a car refuels in 5 minutes for 600 km. This efficient process makes hydrogen a practical alternative energy source.

    Future Expansion

    ORLEN’s hydrogen initiative doesn’t stop in Poznań. New stations will open in cities like Katowice, Krakow, and Warsaw, as part of the second phase of Clean Cities – Hydrogen Mobility in Poland. With a record €62 million EU grant, ORLEN plans to expand its network significantly, aiming for over 100 stations by 2030.

    “Hydrogen technology is advancing rapidly, driving a hydrogen revolution,” says Grzegorz Jóźwiak, Director of ORLEN’s Hydrogen Technology Office. ORLEN’s ambitious projects, such as Hydrogen Eagle and Amber Hydrogen Valley, highlight Poland’s potential to become a global leader in hydrogen technology, transforming both transport and the broader economy.

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