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    ORLEN’s HBO Project Nears Completion Milestone

    The HBO (Hydrocracking Oil Block) Project is a major investment by ORLEN Group, valued at over 1.8 billion PLN. Located in the Gdańsk refinery, this new infrastructure will enable the production of up to 400,000 tons per year of second-generation base oils, crucial for the automotive and industrial sectors. Additionally, the project will yield thousands of tons of fuel intermediates, gasoline, and diesel.

    Current Progress

    “The HBO Project reached approximately 70% overall completion by the end of June 2024, with construction and assembly works at about 60%,” stated Wojciech Sieniawski, Director of HBO Project Implementation at ORLEN. The fourth quarter of 2025 is slated for the technological startup and primary installation commissioning, preceded by the testing and startup of all auxiliary facilities, including the power supply system, inter-object pipelines, and storage tanks.

    Operational Timeline

    The HBO Project aims to achieve full operational capacity in the first half of 2026. This significant milestone will enhance ORLEN’s production capabilities and support various industry sectors with high-quality base oils and fuel products.

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