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    Orlen’s Strategic Investment in Small Nuclear Reactors Receives US Department of State Backing

    Estimated reading time: 1 minute

    Estimated reading time: 1 minute

    Orlen has secured strategic support from the US Department of State for its investment in Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). Orlen’s initiative is part of the Phoenix program, a US government initiative aimed at aiding Europe’s transition from fossil fuels to SMR-based energy while preserving local employment.

    Phoenix Program Boosts Small Reactor Construction

    Orlen’s President, Daniel Obajtek, revealed on social media that their SMR project is among those strategically supported by the Phoenix program, facilitating the acceleration of SMR construction in Poland. The initiative, backed by the US government, provides financial support for feasibility studies and activities promoting energy security in Central and Eastern European countries.

    Orlen, a multi-energy giant, operates seven refineries across Poland, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. With over 3,100 fuel stations in multiple countries, the company is actively involved in petrochemicals, hydrocarbon extraction, and renewable energy, including wind and solar farms. Orlen aims to launch at least one SMR by 2030 as part of its 2030 strategy, involving approximately PLN 320 billion in investment by the end of the decade.

    Key Milestone towards Sustainable Energy

    Orlen’s strategic partnership with the US Department of State marks a pivotal milestone in advancing Poland’s energy transition. The collaboration not only fosters technological innovation but also aligns with global efforts to achieve sustainable and secure energy sources.

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