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    Orthopedists from Chorzów Extend Support to Africa’s Medical Needs

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    In a heartwarming response to a distress call from Polish missionary sisters in Zambia, orthopedic doctors from Chorzów are ramping up their assistance efforts in Africa. The medical professionals are addressing the dire situation in local hospitals, which lack even the most basic tools and equipment. The plight of children, often victims of wild animal attacks, tree falls, and road accidents, is particularly grave.

    Chorzów’s foundation doctors have already performed surgeries on over thirty children and forty adults in Rwanda. Now, they have heeded another urgent plea, this time from Zambia. The Polish missionary sisters require fundamental medical equipment like X-ray machines for a 100-bed hospital that serves 32,000 Zambian residents, as well as patients from Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

    The medics at the Afrikja Foundation are set to procure equipment for two hospitals in eastern Zambia. One of these hospitals urgently needs an intensive care unit. Similar to their efforts in Rwanda, the foundation will also provide medical training to local healthcare practitioners.

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