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    Over 105 Million PLN Allocated by the Ministry of Sport for a Sports and Entertainment Hall at Bialystok University of Technology

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    On Monday, Bialystok University of Technology received more than 105 million PLN in funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism for the construction of a sports and entertainment hall within its campus. This substantial financial support is part of the ministerial program for investments of exceptional importance to sports.

    The idea of creating a sports and entertainment hall with a capacity for five thousand spectators has been in the works for years. Initially intended as a smaller training facility, it evolved into the Academic Sports Center, equipped with exercise rooms and a gym. Now, the university is revisiting the concept with plans for a much larger facility.

    The new hall, spanning 80 by 120 meters with a total volume of approximately 150,000 cubic meters, will primarily serve sports-related purposes. It will house facilities for athletics, including 60 and 200-meter tracks, jumping and throwing areas, as well as courts for team sports such as volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, and handball. Additionally, the hall will provide space for fencing, gymnastics, and various artistic performances. The versatile interior layout will allow it to host a wide range of events, from sports competitions to conferences, gatherings, and exhibitions.

    The project extends beyond the needs of Bialystok University of Technology. It is set to become a unique, modern sports complex, catering to both professional and amateur sports clubs. The facility’s capabilities may even encompass international events, including Polish and European championships.

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