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    Over Five Hundred Children’s Dreams Fulfilled from Children’s Homes

    The Santa Claus Post of the Good Initiatives Foundation did not falter under the weight of over five hundred letters from children in so-called children’s homes. On December 18th at 10 a.m. in EXPO XXI in Warsaw, during the 7th Good Hearts Christmas Tree Finale, Santa’s messengers will make Christmas wishes come true for children from all over Poland. The event will be attended by the children’s rights spokesperson, Monika Horna-Cieślak. The effort of over 1000 kind-hearted volunteers, who have prepared gifts for the wards of the Good Initiatives Foundation, serves as an excellent inspiration for aiding and contributing funds towards the Foundation’s objectives.

    For the 7th time, the Good Initiatives Foundation has engaged private individuals, volunteers, social institutions, schools, preschools, universities, social aid centres, and businesses in support of children from over 25 care and educational institutions (so-called children’s homes) in Poland. The community built by the Foundation will fulfil over 500 dreams totalling PLN 130,000.

    Culinary Marvels and Heartfelt Traditions Await at the Good Hearts Christmas Tree Event!

    Apart from the coveted gifts for children and youth, a full day of attractions awaits, with this year’s Good Hearts Christmas Tree theme revolving around the KITCHEN. Among the main attractions are culinary workshops titled “World Kitchens” organized by a chef from McCormick and “Zero Waste Cooking,” led by a chef from the Accor Hotels Group (including Ibis hotels). Additionally, there’s a planned photography contest presided over by Anna Nowak @cookapl, along with many other activities. As is the tradition, the wards will independently decorate the Christmas tree with heart-shaped baubles they’ve prepared themselves, inscribed with their biggest dreams and goals. The entire event will take place at EXPO XXI, the Main Partner of the Good Hearts Christmas Tree.

    Granting Independence

    Thanks to over 1000 volunteers, the Good Initiatives Foundation will fulfil the Christmas dreams of all its wards. However, the Foundation’s assistance doesn’t end with the Good Hearts Christmas Tree finale. Its primary goal is to grant independence to young individuals—a gift for life, not just for the holiday season. The collection of funds continues to support year-long scholarships and psychotherapy for children. Everyone can contribute to the account: 71 2030 0045 1110 0000 0343 05 90 with the note “scholarship.”


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