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    OX2 Eyes Second Phase of Offshore Wind in Poland

    OX2 aims to bring its Baltic Sea expertise to Poland’s second phase of offshore wind projects.

    OX2 is keen on expanding its offshore wind energy efforts into the Polish market. Katarzyna Suchcicka, President of OX2 Poland, expressed optimism about new partnerships forming in the second phase of offshore wind projects. Speaking at the PSEW 2024 conference, she highlighted the company’s extensive experience in the Baltic Sea, particularly from Sweden and Finland.

    Leveraging Baltic Expertise

    Suchcicka emphasized that OX2’s knowledge and proven success in offshore wind development in the Baltic region could greatly benefit Poland. “We hope to transfer our considerable experience from Sweden and Finland to the Polish market,” she said. OX2’s involvement in the second phase is seen as a strategic move to contribute to Poland’s renewable energy goals.

    With Poland’s growing interest in renewable energy, OX2’s expertise could play a crucial role in advancing the country’s offshore wind capabilities. The company’s commitment to the Polish market signals a promising future for energy sustainability and international cooperation in the Baltic region.

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