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    Pasha’s Epic Bike Journey: From Warsaw to Copenhagen

    Jarek, also known as Pasha, has once again astounded the world with his incredible biking feat. Following his previous adventure to Paris, this time he embarked on a challenging mission: cycling from Warsaw to Copenhagen for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. Departing from Warsaw’s iconic Zygmunt Column, Pasha traversed not only Polish roads but also those of Germany and Denmark.

    Overcoming Obstacles

    Encountering the formidable obstacle of the Baltic Sea, Pasha ingeniously devised a solution – he rode a pontoon bike across. Despite facing setbacks like a flat tire, reminiscent of last year’s journey, Pasha swiftly repaired it and continued his course. Finally, around 4 PM, he triumphantly arrived at the Royal Arena, the venue for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

    Awaiting him was a small welcoming committee, eager to celebrate Jarek’s remarkable achievement. In total, Pasha covered over 1000 kilometers in nearly a week of cycling. This morning, he briefly appeared on Kanal Zero, sharing captivating tales of his adventure.

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