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    Passion for History and Science: Ewa Sumelka Earns Doctorate at 70

    In a remarkable achievement, Ewa Sumelka, a science, history, and art advocate, successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the age of 70 at the University of Medical Sciences in Poznań (UMP). Her dissertation delves into the history of the Collegium Anatomicum at the University of Poznań from 1920 to 1939.

    A Lifelong Connection to Academia

    Sumelka, a retired faculty member at UMP’s Department of Histology and Embryology, has been associated with the university since 1972. Inspired by the community’s response to her book on Collegium Anatomicum, she embarked on a journey to earn a doctorate later in life.

    Unveiling Untold Stories

    Her doctoral thesis, “Outline of the History of Collegium Anatomicum at the University of Poznań, 1920-1939 – From Art to Science,” complements her earlier book, revealing previously unknown facts. The defense, a first of its kind in the Health Sciences Faculty since the pandemic’s onset, unfolded in 2017.

    From Exhibition Curator to Doctorate

    Sumelka’s interest in Collegium Anatomicum emerged during preparations for a historical exhibition in 2008. Fueled by a lack of documented history, she aimed to rectify misconceptions and errors surrounding the iconic building.

    A Rich Journey of Six Years

    The doctoral journey spanned six intensive years for Sumelka, interspersed with contributions to centennial publications for the University of Poznań. Despite embracing retirement in April, she remains committed to exploring the history of Collegium Anatomicum and its surroundings.

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