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    Patryk Vega Unleashes ‘Putin’ Biopic in Ukraine

    Patryk Vega’s ‘Putin’ film, premiering in Ukraine, exposes the Russian president’s life, employing deep fake technology and stirring global interest.

    In a bold move, renowned Polish director Patryk Vega premiered excerpts from his biographical film, ‘Putin’, on a massive screen in war-torn Borodyanka, Ukraine. The film, set to make its global debut this year, utilizes deep fake technology to portray Russian President Vladimir Putin across 60 tumultuous years.

    The screening, attended by hundreds of Ukrainians amidst the devastation, showcased a poignant scene depicting a vulnerable Putin in a hospital, confronting the absurdity of war and the Russian mentality. Vega, known for his gritty films, aims to provide a Western audience with insights into Putin’s psyche, employing a narrative that spans key events from Chechnya to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

    The film’s use of deep fake technology faced challenges, requiring Vega’s team to develop their own technology for an authentic portrayal. Despite concerns, the Ukrainian audience praised the film, with plans for widespread distribution, including countries with significant Ukrainian diasporas.

    Vega hopes ‘Putin’ serves as a wake-up call for the West, urging collective action against Putin’s aggression. The film’s international interest indicates its potential impact on global perceptions of the Russian leader.

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