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    Pegula Dominates Linette in Charleston Tournament

    In a one-sided affair, Jessica Pegula asserted her dominance over Magda Linette in the third round of the Charleston tournament. Pegula’s relentless aggression and exceptional serving left Linette struggling to find her footing, resulting in a swift 6-2, 6-2 victory for the American.

    Despite an initial glimmer of hope with a confident service hold from Linette, Pegula quickly took control of the match with powerful returns, leaving the Polish player unable to mount any significant challenge. Linette managed just one winner throughout the match, highlighting Pegula’s stifling dominance.

    Even as Linette tried to rally late in the second set, Pegula’s top seed status proved well-founded, as she closed out the match in a mere 60 minutes. 

    Magda Linette – Jessica Pegula 0-2 (2-6, 2-6)

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