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    PESA’s First Train Arrives in Ghana: Boosting Railway Infrastructure

    Polish train manufacturer PESA’s inaugural train has reached African shores, marking a significant milestone in Ghana’s railway development. After a journey spanning a month and a half, the train arrived at the port of Tema last week, heralding a new era for Ghana’s rail connectivity. The presence of Polish engineers on-site signals the imminent commencement of testing for the train set, which will also serve as the first trial for Ghana’s 1435 mm gauge railway line.

    Ministerial Aspirations: Fast-tracking Operational Debut

    Ghana’s Minister of Railways, John Peter Amewu, aims to expedite the introduction of PESA’s first train into service, targeting a launch as early as June. Should this plan materialize, scheduled services could commence before the end of May, ushering in enhanced transportation options for Ghanaian commuters.

    The arrival of PESA’s train underscores Ghana’s commitment to bolstering its infrastructure and fostering economic growth. With the prospect of efficient rail transport, Ghana stands poised to enhance its logistics capabilities, stimulate trade, and improve accessibility for both passengers and freight.

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