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    PGNiG Upstream Norway Confirms Significant Gas and Condensate Reserves in Adriana Deposit

    In a recent exploration endeavor, PGNiG Upstream Norway, a subsidiary of the Orlen Group, has uncovered promising reserves in the Adriana deposit located in the Norwegian Sea. The results of the exploratory drilling surpassed previous estimations, indicating substantial extractable natural gas and condensate resources.

    Discovery Details

    An extensive drilling operation exceeding 3000 meters revealed that the Adriana deposit holds extractable reserves of natural gas and condensate ranging from 28 to 43 million barrels of oil equivalent, surpassing initial projections made in 2021.

    The collected data not only confirms the viability of the Adriana deposit but also suggests favorable reservoir properties, potentially enhancing the economic feasibility of its exploitation.

    Ownership and Collaborations

    PGNiG Upstream Norway, in collaboration with strategic partners, acquired a stake in the PL211 CS concession, with plans for further development and exploration in the region. The proximity of the Adriana deposit to established infrastructure at Skarv offers opportunities for cost-effective development and could contribute to reducing CO2 emissions associated with extraction activities.

    PGNiG Upstream Norway’s successful exploration in the Adriana deposit underscores its commitment to maximizing resource utilization and efficiency in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, aligning with the broader strategic objectives of the Orlen Group.

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