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    “Piachem w Tryby”: Election Analysis and Mass relocation of foreigners to Poland

    "Piachem w tryby": to throw a spanner in the works

    Special episode of “Piachem w Tryby” discusses 2024 EU elections, mass relocation of foreigners to Poland and more. Watch the insightful analysis online now!

    Yesterday, after an intense voting process and the closing of polling stations for the 2024 European Parliament elections, Telewizja Republika aired a special episode of “Piachem w Tryby.” The show featured a special lineup of hosts who discussed the IPSOS exit polls and the mass relocation of foreigners to Poland. The discussion provided an insightful analysis of the election outcomes and the broader socio-political implications for the country.

    The episode delved into the nuances of voter behavior as reflected in the exit polls and explored the contentious issue of immigration, which has been a hot topic in Polish politics.

    As viewers eagerly await tonight’s episode at 9:45 PM, the recent broadcast is available online for those who missed it.

    To learn more about the political topics discussed in the program, watch the last episode of “Piachem w Tryby” online

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